Chair living room fiberglass


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– Light green crewneck sweatshirt.
– Hand pockets.
– Relaxed fit.



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Designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1949 as one of the first models created especially for Carl Hansen & Son, and produced since 1950. The last of a series of chairs Wegner designed based on inspiration from antique Chinese armchairs. The gently rounded top together with the back and seat offers a variety of comfortable seating positions, ideal for both long visits to the dining table and relaxed lounging. A light chair, easy to move around the dining table and about the room.

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  • – The characteristic “Y” provides comfortable back support and stability to the steam-bent top, also inspiring the chair’s names
  • – The Wishbone Chair” or “The Y-Chair”
  • – An excellent example of Wegner’s constant striving towards organic simplicity to create sculptural beauty, comfort and outstanding stability.
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